Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Really Good Sandwich. And A Funny Makeover.

So guess what. Tiny got into my make-up again yesterday. Yes. Yes. I know I've already been told to put my stuff up out of reach. In theory this would work. In reality, I'd have to put pretty well the whole house up out of reach, or alternatively put Tiny into a straitjacket, and I just don't think she'd be into that. And life doesn't work when things are all up out of reach. Unless you use stilts every single day.

And am I in Cirque de Soleil? Nope. Can't even spin a hula hoop on my hips.

So here I present to you, Tiny's new look. Considerably less Emo than the last look. She's gone for a pink lip and hot pink cheeks. That girl's onto something.

PS I had a really great sandwich on the run today from Sonoma. They can do no bad in my book. Y to the UM!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Just like her mum ya?