Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Awww Man!

Conjunctivitis! Tonsilitis! Fevers! Runny nose! Blocked ears! General lethargy! The Doctor sure knows how to get sick when he gets sick.

He's miserable and holed up in a birdie's nest* on the couch during the day, early to bed at night. Oh man. I hate the smalls being sick. It makes me so sad to see them so sad. He even asked me to come home early from work so I could be with him. Break my little heart dude.

I'm sick of the sick. Roll over Winter, Spring and Summer need to make their grand entrance. I'm over you Winter. I usually love you. But April - August we've been sick. I'm over it. I'm done. Winter, you stink this year.

On the flip side of down and out in Beverley Hills *cough*, the Doctor saved up for a really, really long time to buy a Nintendo DSi. He finally reached his goal, and this has been a huge saving grace while he's been sick and I've told him he has to lay low and hang out on the couch. He's been playing 'Ready Set Grover' like crazy these last few days. Phew for this small grace!

* A birdie's nest in our house is when I plump up the cushions on the couch and tuck my wee little birdies in with a blanket, when they are feeling poorly.


Christina said...

Poor darling. Hope the nest and distraction work.

I'm over illness too and would quite like a nest of my own. I've been trying to shake off a cold for almost two weeks now, but can't take anything for it. The little man has been suffering ear infections and tonsillitis this Winter. Dave even got a cold, which is rare indeed.

Here's to wellness for all. :)

shine little light* said...

Poorn little lamb, but having a kid who can save is a gooood thing. Hes gonna be a great person your Doctor. *s*

Loz and Dinny said...

Good God ... the Doctor is using up his 12 month sick quota ... tell him to pace himself for those days he's got maths or dissecting frogs or something. Poor wee guy. Hope he's on the up x