Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I am one of those rare women that detests shoe shopping.


Detest it.

I've always resisted shoe shopping. It's not that I don't love shoes. I love shoes. I admire a beautiful shoe.

It's just that they never fit. Growing up with a size 12 - and that's mens' 12, in Tamworth - there wasn't much of a selection. Couple that with a triple-A width. And you've got yourself a big, fat headache. Even when we'd travel to Sydney we'd have to scour store after store looking for something to fit my foot - and usually have to resign to some bad looking shoe that I had to make do with.

Fast-forward 10 years and Matt and I were in London or Paris looking for shoes for me. We're so cosmopolitan it seems. Well the cosmo stops here. I asked the sales assistant for shoes and she looked at me as if I'd asked her to trim my toenails. Horrified I scurried off.

Fast-forward another five years and here I am, curled up on the couch trawling Westfield's plethora of shoes. All. Available. On. Line. STOP THE PRESS!

No more scaring sales assistants. No more contemplating Kumfs. No more tolerance of sales assistants saying: No I don't have a 12, but I do have a 9 - want to try it? Er, want to hack my toes off? Bind my foot? No. It's not going to fit me. Not now, not ever.

Check it out home girls! Westfield has answered all of my dreams. Trawling the interwebz for shoes. By style. By store. Hello shoe shopping. Humiliation free. WOOT!

Midas. Mollini. Flats. Heels. Trainers. OH MY!

Can you imagine my jubilation when I went shopping and found these babies in a charming size 42 ready and waiting to be delivered to me? Hell to the yeah!

The only downside is that the shoes aren't searchable by size. But you can search by price, stores, colour and style. And a lot of the stores offer free delivery. And rather than the 3-7 days, Midas took a total of 8 days to ship to me. But if they're not right, you can return them. Sound good. Comfy on the couch? Mouse at the ready. Yeah. Me too. This could be addictive Imelda Marcos.

In the interests of full disclosure, I received a gift voucher from Westfield to trial this new service.

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norma said...

just love your stories....there is a shoe company online " Boots For Broads " you measure up your tootsies and send the info to them with some $$$$ and you get great to fit you shoes or boots,too easy ;-)