Monday, 8 August 2011

Help Me Help You

So in a couple of weeks I'm doing a little talk at a conference. It's about PR. And PR agencies/consultants and the world of blogging and bloggers.

Secretly I am hoping no one turns up, because every time I think about it, I feel really, really queasy.

Nevertheless, I am doing a little research beforehand. Whether you read blogs, blog, or are new to blogs, I'd value your feedback. But I'm not doing some hardcore survey, because:
a) I just don't have the time
b) neither do you

Let me cut to the chase. I'd love it if you had a spare five minutes, if you can tell me:
- If PR agencies contact you: what works? what doesn't?
- What do you love?
- What do you loathe?
- How many companies contact you per week?
- Do you ever get any really random requests?
- And does anyone ever nail it - like really hit the nail on the head, and get you and your blog, and how to work with you?
- As a reader: what works for you? And what are you sick of?

Or if you're more comfortable emailing me, that's ace: lexipmm (at) gmail (dot) com

I'd appreciate any insights you can share with me - and if you comment on here, please don't name any agencies or companies.

Help me out peeps!


DearHelenHartman said...

I blogged half heartedly as a feeble part of publicizing my books and also as a source for backlinks for a business 's SEO - then actually explored the blogosphere and started using an existing blog for fun.
Too new for PR firms to contact me for that, BUT have definitely worked with PR people in the past. The best thing a PR person could do, IMHO, is help a creative person position themselves to make the most of the market. To help them think about and create a framework for success. This makes both the job of the blogger/creative person and the Publicist run smoother.
Good luck with your speech!

ClaireyH said...

I was meant to be seeing you, but have changed jobs and won't be there.

Boo hoo.

Anyway, PR do contact me a bit, some are great, some not so great.

I do not want to waste my time giving you every statistic about my blog, if you want me you do, do your own research.

I have no problem sending them the link once the post is done.

Be honest with how many other blogs are writing about the topic, I have a limit of ten, but often find it on around15.

Mostly PRs have been great, only once when I had a real adverse reaction to a food product, and the PR firm never replied to my email was I a little annoyed.

I know most bloggers really hate getting emails not personally addressed to them, but I am not so worried about that, as I know sometimes that just depends n the system they have internally.

katiecrackernuts said...

What works... pretty much nothin'. Could be the industry I am in. I sent one email back today with just a "thanks, not interested". Seemed rude but the company had me way off. Wanted me to promote a clothing store. Hello! I op shop. I don't buy clothes new. Der. If I like something and want to plug it, I do. I don't contact the company, I just plug it 'cause I like it.

No one has ever nailed it for me.

As a reader, I can spot 'em a mile off. Even if you try to disguise it, I know it's a plug (mostly because we all got the email honey).

An upfront disclaimer is good. I'll pay that.

I think Lady Melbourne had a whole post about PR agencies and how they should approach blogs.

Dolores said...

My own blog is not very big so I have not been contacted by anyone. I'm still on the fence about ads on my blog, in one sense I could definitely do with the income but as a Reader of many blogs I also don't like it when I'm clearly being sold to. A huge part of that is the "product" and how it links into the blog that I'm reading. For instance if a craft blogger is sent complimentary preview fabric and then they make something with that, I don't mind that kind of PR but when I'm being sold breakfast cereal by a Mummy blog then I just feel like I might as well switch on the TV and watch the ads (which I avoid with my TIVO). Also, I hate it when companies send multiple bloggers the same product to review on their blog. It gets rather boring when 10 or more of the blogs you are following are reviewing the same product and funny how everyone is just raving about said free item (are these true reviews?) AND they all have one to give away.

Anyway, Badskirt has a couple of good posts on marketing & giveaways.

Michelle said...

There has been a series of posts on Frills in the Hills about blogging and pr companies that you might find useful.