Sunday, 14 August 2011

Is Anyone There?

Oh man it's oh-so-quiet around (BTW - did you know Spike Jonze directed that clip??!) here these days.

Where are you?

What did you do this weekend?

What are you wearing right now?

Are we breaking up?

Any excuse for some cool Bjork shots. Right?


shine little light* said...

1. I heart bjork
2. I always click on your posts. You're not one of the blogs I take or leave.
3. I'm in pjs now. But tonight I wore heels for the first time in ages and hubby and I won a trivia night plus a stack of free drinks. connected?
4. I am possibly tipsy blog commenting. Dont judge me!!

Ms Styling You said...

I had a day of pre-spring cleaning. Felt good.

Norbyah said...

still here. faithfully reading your blog posts. hanging onto my own sanity. laughing about my littlest cutting her own hair tonight. enjoying my (almost nightly) glass of wine. hoping i'll be ready when school starts in a few days (both for me as a teacher and for the kids as a mum whose baby starts school)....

Anna said...

Still here and I don't know if I was meant to or not but I just saw a very great family photo on you other Sunday
Post cause it was still in my googles reader. Sorry if I wasn't meant to see but great photo!!

lalalistic said...

I check your blog everyday. You make me laugh. I'm living in the UK again now but you are my little link back to Sydney and the tales of Tiny crack me up/scare me senseless. I think I have a tiny in the making. lol.

Alisha Stamper said...

I needed a post that consisted of bjorn photos. Thank you.

norma said...

yes still here and loving your posts,maybe it is selfish of me to enjoy your words and pics so much and never comment,so here we the next one of fab bjork..ta muchly;-)

amelieandatticus said...

I'm here at work...reading your AWESOME posts as per my usual morning! I'm stressing over my entry for the Tessuti Awards...why must you have to vote others down to get your dress up there??

FYI If you wanna give my dress 5 hearts head pver here:

I won't ask you to diss the other dresses...but I will maintain my own one heart policy as other maintain theirs! :-)

I had a fun weekend with family...going to the Zoo..which I have wanted to do forever...hitting the shops and taking the kids to a fun factory...I hope it was a fun weekend for the family who is going through tough times right now!

I am wearing a 'Dear Creatures' dress at work...I love it!

Nah we're not breaking up...not even close...I am usually pretty quiet shy type!

And there is ALWAYS time for awesome Bjork photos...and music!

Love it...keep up the awesome bloggy work!

amelieandatticus said...

hear *over* but you get the idea...I'm still on NO coffee this morning...I hope you are having a fun one!

nicole said...

i was away for the weekend so i've only just caught up on posts now!
hope you found some answers quicker than mine! also hope that you had a good monday!

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Heart Bjork. Have you seen Dancer in The Dark? So so sad. I'm here as always xx

[Good Mum Hunting] said...


I'm still here. Always here.

Weekend, hmmmm. Saturday I spent cleaning my house. Saturday night, my whole family, sans kids, went to Guillaume for my Mum's 60th Birthday. It was AMAZEBALLS! Highly recommend it to anyone. My inlaws minded my babes while we wined and dined. I didn't get to bed till 1:45am and BOY, did I regret it the next morning.

Sunday, spent the arvo at my inlaws. They are off on a 3 weeks safari around Africa tomorrow so we said bon voyage over a bbq and cake. Y to the UM!

Today I am slothing it in sexy black leggings that cover my Mummy tummy and an oversized black tee. Hair clean at least. Skin clean and scrubbed. Feel fresh as a daisy.

Bjork is faboosh! My favourite song has to be Hyperballad though, it gives me shivers!!