Saturday, 13 August 2011

Spring Cleaning

After a day out discovering (more on that tomorrow), I got all my cups and saucers out of the cupboards, washed them and rearranged them. It took me longer than anticipated, and half way through I regretted starting this exercise. Nevertheless, I kicked on, and am lying on the couch checking out the new set up.

I must admit, it was quite nice washing such pretty pieces. Each of them different, with a story all of their own. I love my pre-loved pieces, it's a shame I don't get to use them and admire them more often.

I'm beginning to think eating from a really beautiful plate is far more of an experience than eating from a plain white dinner plate. What say you?


Evee said...

I agree. I tend to use all of my white plates during winter then have a bit of a sort out and use all of my vintage wares for summer bbq's. So pretty...have sourced some lovely Ironstone made in New Zealand of late. Happy sorting!

Danimezza said...

I eat off my wedding china ;)

Kate said...

I say the same! For sure! On our caravan adventure I was tempted to bring plastic or metal plates but in the end opted for pretty china and boy oh boy am I pleased we did. They make me so happy.

shine little light* said...

Oh man, I started spring cleaning and exactly half way through completely regretted it. I have quite got everything back together yet. Your plates are gorgeous! *s*

small catalogue said...

yes yes yes!

My Bearded Pigeon said...

I say use them! No point waiting for the right time!!

Homemaker Honey said...

Yes, pretty plates are for eating off...and everything tastes better when eaten off a pretty plate!

You mention that you make a fantastic Italian Spinach your "about me". Have you shared the recipe on the blog? I'm a new reader. Would love the recipe.

Homemaker Honey