Saturday, 3 September 2011

Anna Wintour?

I've spent the last week in sunglasses. No matter if it's raining. I'm wearing sunglasses. My eye is still not better, so I've embraced the Anna Wintour. I wear my sunglasses at night. And inside. And while I'm talking to you. And while I am on the computer. And all the time really.

I could get all rude on this damn eye, but I'll just say, after weeks of being sick, I'm a bit fragile. I hate being sick. Sinusitis. Conjunctivitis. This is not a dream run.

I'm prepping for Father's Day. The smalls and I are making Bills corn fritters. This is on the up. But I can't find which book the recipe is on. Help a white wonky-eyed girl out.

Meanwhile my own Dad is on the other side of the world. We'll have to celebrate when he's back.


Ms Styling You said...

Have you got the antibiotic ointment - not drops - for you eye? Get better soon!

Kellie said...

Hope you get better soon. You poor thing.
Wish I could help out with the recipe too. Fingers crossed you find it by tomorrow.

ashley said...

oh no. at least you rock out those sunnies. get well soon.

Dolores said...

Bill Grainger - Sydney Food

mrs smith said...

It's in Bill's Open Kitchen too. Hope the ills abate. It's been a furkin hospital around here this winter n'all. I am OVER it. Today the sun shone and I feel better already. Hope your sun shines tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Oh Crap Lexi - still...

Have a good day tomorrow. We have not even planned anything. He is working all day... Maybe we might get dinner planned while he is out... feel slack.

Katie said...

bills food, page 115.
Can you believe I actually made them last night..
They are soo good, especially with a yoghurt and garlic sauce!

Hope you feel better soon x