Saturday, 3 September 2011

Movie Review:: Rango

A couple of weeks ago I convinced the smalls they wanted to see Rango. Tiny was pretty keen - the Doctor, notsomuch. He needed a lot of convincing.

But we watched it - a couple of times. Who could resist a film starring Johnny Depp? Clearly, not I. Who could resist a film about a chameleon starring in a Western? Clearly, not I.

One of my favourite scenes - without giving too much away - is where he sheds his skin. If you've seen Rango, you may know this scene, he kind of freezes, and the skin cracks off. Exactly how my eye feels. Like a lizard shedding its skin.

But in the interests of reviewing this fairly, I'll review as two different people. The (wo)man in the mirror. And the (wo)man not in the mirror.


1st review: from a mother of a 3.5 year old and a 6 year old

Finally a cool & quirky film with an all-star cast. I like Shrek, Cat In the Hat and all those others as much as every other person, but Rango is a bit different. Johnny Depp. Isla Fisher. Johnny Depp.

BUT Rango has some pretty serious, pretty dark undertones. The content is pretty heavy for a small person. There are some sinister characters - which - well so are there in real life, but these are condensed.

It's also violent. Gun-slinging, down and dirty Western style.

Both the smalls were a bit scared at one stage, and I had to stay planted firmly on the couch with them.

So as far as kids movies go, it was good, but be prepared, it's a bit scary. A bit dark. A bit sinister. But with a happy ending.

Now Tiny is obsessed with lizards and they're all called Rango.

3 stars


2nd review: as a 32 year old woman

Well HELL-O Johnny Depp as a Hawaiian-shirt wearing chameleon. Hello Isla Fisher as a bug-eyed lizard.

Hello beautiful animation and quirky-cool storyline.

Couldn't fault it. Loved it. Funny. Fast paced. Laugh out loud humour. And I really did laugh out loud.

Well worth watching. A couple of times. It's a delightful movie with a moral. Yep.

4 stars


There ends my DVD review. Have you seen Rango? What did you think?


purely4kids said...

I soooo want to see this movie - for the kids of course....LOL.

pepper said...

I did, and although i liked it, I watch a lot of kids movies (don't judge me) and I thought.. that his character could have been more developed, and funnier, and it was a bit dark and really- a prostate check joke isn't funny anywhere. And some of the characters were weird, and there were too many. Also some parts of the plot were a bit silly. Ahem, so. Yep. Sorry, that's what i thought! I'll still watch it again though (Oh Johnny)

pepper said...

ps. I didn't mean, like, "I watch lots of kids movies so yeah I know what I'm talking about". That's not what I meant. Just in case it sounded like that. I rarely know what I'm talking about x