Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fathers. Dads. Papas. The Old Man.

Happy Father's Day to my huge fatherly audience (that's you Matt and my Dad!).

What did you do to celebrate?

I was woken early by the Doctor wanting to give Matt his Father's Day present (a money box - cute). I rebuffed, pleading for an extra half hour sleep on a Sunday morning. Wish granted.*

Half an hour later, proceedings commenced from the comfort of bed.

And then I got up, made bills corn fritters (Dad, when you're back, I'll make them for you too), wolfed it down.

Later in the afternoon I flaked and slept for 3 hours. Sorry Matt. I did feel marginally better though.

What a beautiful sunny Spring day. What did you get up to?

* Tiny gave Matt a toy helicopter. That's all she wanted to give him. Cute.

1 comment:

Love a Duck! ( Partito y Monito) said...

Sounds lovely! (esp. the sleep!)
On a side note, can I tell you I think you've given me the pink eye by proxy. Or is it my head doing some psycho thing and going out in sympathy? Anyhoo.., I got it too. Sunglasses at the ready!