Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Day 19 of Frocktober: *GULP*

Holy guacamole girls. Today I dragged out from the archives one of my all-time favourite vintage dresses. One I snaffled from Bondi markets about 76 years ago. I LOVE this dress. Alas, if I want longevity in the dress I either need to:
a) lose weight
b) lose 2 ribs
c) put an elastic band in the dress

The last couple of days I've given Betty Draper a run for her money, honey. Yesterday's dress was a neon vintage number (which I will post, just don't have the photo right now), very 60s. Today is harking back to the 50s. I think?!

Frocktober has not only helped me raise a tidy sum of money for ovarian cancer research, but it's also made me think about how I dress.

I've become accustomed to wearing jeans. And jeans. And more jeans. All. The. Time. I haven't even touched those denim delights in 19 days. I looked at them a little forlornly on the weekend, but truth be told - I am loving having an excuse to frock up, every single day. Which is very nice if you can move in said frock. Today. Yeah, not so much movement going on. I've really filled that little sucker out, and not in a good way.

There's a lesson there: if you don't want indentations on your torso from where your dress is waaaay too tight, don't wear it. A good warning would be when you have to ask your husband to zip you into it.

Tomorrow = smock.

Please note, I had to climb through dirt, shrubs and cactus for these photos. And then I flipped out and thought there *might* be a snake in my midst. Vanity Fair - you reading this?


Sarah said...

That frock i my favourite so far...

purely4kids said...

Love it. I should seriously throw my jeans out for a few weeks too. You've inspired me.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Gorgeous, I love this one!

I'm a jeans kinda girl. I have SEVERAL pairs. Maybe 15? Is that alot? haha


Julia said...

Just lovely! I like this frock very much. This Frocktober initiative is starting to be a real hit!

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