Thursday, 13 October 2011

Frocktober Day 13: High on a hill

Cara, my friend at work, and I, we love hamming it up for these photo shoots. Well. I do.

Today's dress: op shop find made in West Germany. Navy tights. Taupe heels. Paris pose for my friend James.

Let's call this outfit: "Floral Gladiator" because I am towering over my 6'3 husband today.

What's happening for everyone? Has today been a good day?

I went to lunch and my hair smells like smoke. Yuck.


shine little light* said...

Damn stinkin' smokers. Today has been a good day. Today is my first day of a month of (sofar) unemployment! Thank goodness. And I've hung out with my lil' bro all day, been op-shopping (successful op-shopping at that) And tonight I am going to sleep in my house, in my bed, with my husband. WIN! ahem. Thanks for asking! PS. You're fricken' rockin' those frocks.

small catalogue said...

Seriously loving all this floral biz Miss PMM!