Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Fine Mess

This is a sponsored post.

I excel at making messes. And when I am cooking, I am unafraid of making plenty of washing up as part of my food prep. Well actually, that's a lie. A blatant lie. I am afraid of the washing up. Matt's afraid of the washing up. And so it sits there - scary to both of us. We both hate washing up. As part of the Finish We Love Messy Meals campaign, I mixed things up a bit. And I embraced my talent for making messes.

Finish is on the hunt to find Australia's messiest meal family. Submit your photos or videos to and they'll select the 3 most entertaining and memorable messy meals that showcase family, home and very messy mealtimes. Finish are actually rewarding you for making a mess. Ace. This competition is actually made for me.

I myself took the challenge with both hands - and, there's a pattern here, I made that mess. I loved making that mess, while also making and baking - lasagne followed by chocolate self-saucing puddings. Is there a messier menu? Nope. Doubt it. If there is, let me know and I'll put it to the test.

 However, the upside on this happy little mess-making story? I tossed everything into the dishwasher with Finish Quantum, et voila - cool, calm mama, well-fed family, sparkly dishes. Too easy.

 But you’re thinking – what does this mean for me PottyMouthMama? What might you win? A cool $25,000 and star in the next Quantum Finish TVC.

 So if you love making messy meals with your family, then head over here and get your entries in quick before you’re washed up.

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