Monday, 7 November 2011

I Gots To Love This Hair

Michelle Williams regularly appears on my blog because I love her. I love her for her talent. I love the films she chooses. I love her style. I just gosh darn love the girl. And I really love her hair. Like my love for her hair knows no bounds. I really, really love Michelle Williams and her head of hair.

Once upon a time I had short hair like this. But I got mistaken for Adriana Xenides.

Well this hair on Michelle Williams, be still my beating waif heart.

Speaking of hair, you know how I love trying new beauty products. Well with the humidity that's been bewitching my hair and making me look like I've been rubbing a balloon on my head for two hours straight (I know you know that look), I've been trying Clinicare Frizz Defying Serum-Concentrate for a few weeks. I think it's the best one I've tried - and has tamed those crazy fly-aways. If you get the frizzies like me, and haven't yet braved the chop-chop like Michelle, get it. It's a collab with Pantene and Wella (and who doesn't want to be a Wella woman?) and so far, so good my friends. Balloon-hair be gone!

image from SMH 


eriven said...

I adore Michelle Williams too. How can men not love her hair? I was surprised at that comment when I first saw that article. I love her reason for keeping it too :)

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

It's sad that most me don't like short hair. But sod 'em. She looks amazing. And that last part of the article about Heath Ledger, made me all teary. xx

Park Confessional said...

She is sublime, isn't she? I am always drawing inspiration from classy celebs and I think I just added her to my dance card. Love your blog, BTW. It's not so potty mouthed as the name suggests!
- Park Confessional