Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Really Filthy Feet

Here's testament to a busy and fun filled weekend. Look at Tiny's filthy footsies as captured by my friend Anna.

You know those doughnut things on a tilt, that spin 'round and 'round? Well Tiny lies on it, doesn't move and waits for someone to push it and she just grips on like a koala on a tilt a whirl. Deeeesgusting.

So she asked me to wash her feet, I obliged. She promptly returned to the spinning doughnut and got her wet foot back in that dirty, dirty dirt.

What's a mama to do but let her play and get dirty and have fun?


willywagtail said...

She's ahealthy child. Just imagine the tactile fun she is having. I had a few dirt lovers too. Cherrie

mama bear said...

Lex, you've got to admit, it complements her nail polish perfectly. Really makes that colour pop! xxx