Thursday, 10 November 2011


While Matt's show was happening, all the smalls that were gathered with their parents played out on the street (supervised), chalking, customising masks, and doing what small children should do. Playing.

I loved this snippet of life. Slowed down.

It reminded me of when I was small. We'd play with the neighbourhood kids. Out in the street. Enjoying simple play. Remember running in packs?

I love this photo taken by my friend Bec. A glimpse of it. It's a picture of how childhood should be. That innocence is retained so briefly. It's so fragile and should be preserved.

Tiny playing with two gals she'd never met before, but it all just clicked. So simple and fills my heart. Sigh.


Leisa said...

I love this aspect of childhood too - meeting some new children and instantly becoming friends. I would like to think we could somehow preserve that innocence in adulthood & immediately greet others with that same enthusiasm. :)

Rachael said...

Love it. What sweeties.

Bek said...

Perfecto. I love how Interactions between kids can be so simple and sweet.

mama bear said...

I love that photo, Lex. So sweet. I have a vivid memory of chalking up my whole street with directions to where the ninja turtles live.

the other day i had the most horrible row with my neighbor because she told me that by letting Rosie draw chalk on MY back steps i was 'defacing the common property' i was raging. man, i unleashed on her. x

Anna said...

ahh love that photo and those memories.. we had the best time ever playing spotlight in about 10 backyards on my street (all connected, jumping over fences etc) on friday nights when we were about 12. so much fun!

small catalogue said...

Yup. That sounds absolutely idyllic. Hurrah!