Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas: Tricky + Dreamy

This is the last of my inspiration for Christmas gift buying. Here are some of my favourite things that I just don't think you can go wrong with. Ho ho ho and let's rev it up moving forward to Christmas. Shall we?

Inoui scarves in a plethora of colours and designs - so soft, and so beautiful - Calico and Ivy $95 (Or check out the amazing Sophie Digard pieces - divine!)

Bal D'Afrique Eau de Parfum - Mecca Cosmetica $158 (50ml)

Elke Blastodia earrings - Off the Runway $150

Cire Trudon Moroccan Mint Tea Room Spray - Kleins Perfumery $199

Handmade leather key strap - Third Drawer Down $50

Put the Love in the Coconut beach towel - Gorman + Castle Collab $79
This rad table and chairs (people I'm thinking big!) - via Heather Nette King on eBay starting at $500

My work life would look a heck of a lot more sexy with these Inka notebooks - Inky Co $19.95

Matt already thinks I have an unnatural love for bringing home lamps - but I promise I'd stop if I had this toadstool - Down to the Woods $180

I know they're for the smalls, but I think I'd have hours of fun with these Miller Goodman blocks - Kido Store $70

Super cool vintage posters - Galerie Montmartre $60

And that my friends, brings me to a close of my Christmas gift ideas. I am fresh out of ideas. I hope you've already finished your Christmas shopping, and if you haven't (like me) I hope this works as inspiration.


nicole said...

you're so lovely to put all of these gift inspiration posts together!
hope you get all your gifts organised soon! i don't think i've even covered the tip of the iceberg yet, oh dear!

small catalogue said...

That towel! Gorgeous!

As a complete off topic aside, I just re-read Love in a Cold Climate and I have realised that I use exclamation marks in a very Radlett way. I've always wanted to be a Radlett; even to be a smidge Radlett is wonderful!