Saturday, 17 December 2011

This Is 4

Yesterday my darling Tiny turned four. I guess she's not Tiny anymore, but she will always be my wee babe. She swam into this world, a baby mermaid, four years ago.

We enjoyed the day home together. I took the day off - last year I was at work - and it pained me greatly to be away from her on her birthday. So we hung out yesterday. Ate a lazy breakfast. I took the Doctor to school for his last day of Kindergarten. We went out for morning tea. Perused a bookshop. And ended the day by going to our local Chinese restaurant - just the four of us.

We came home, and because of my 'Je suis la fatigue' (Dad, that was for you), I hadn't mustered the energy to make a cake.

Sorry Tiny.

But we did have a Freddo icecream cake and the smalls had a hoot finding Freddo heads, managing to go through three rounds of cake before I said 'Enough my little friends!'.

Today I will make up for my non-cake baking by making her: a pink, and purple, and blue cake - by popular demand. My stomach is turning at the idea of all that food colouring.

 To my wee babe - I'm ever grateful that you're in our lives. You are funny, clever, cuddly, smart and oh-so-cute. You're a dancer, a mermaid, a puppy, a catty, a princess - you are the bomb Tiny. I loved one, two and three, and I know four is going to be super.


Hazel said...

Happ Birthday Tiny, and happy birth day pmm!

Vic said...

Happy Birthday to Tiny! (...if you are ever lamenting the fact that she really isn't so tiny any more, you can stand her next to my gal, not yet 4 & the size of a 6 year old...!)

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Happy Birthday Tiny!

She looks gorgeous, and holy smokes, the Dr has grown up so much! Last day of Kindy? Where did the year go?!

Sounds like an awesome bday to me. I'd be stoked with a freddo cake ;)

Enjoy baking today, perfect weather for it.

Def. time for another wee babe hun ;)


mama bear said...

Happy Birthay little Scout! May you be merry and feisty, always. Hope you LOVE your cake.I'm sorry I still have your cake stand! xx

small catalogue said...

Happy happy birthday Miss Tiny!!!

Sarah said...

Aw - love the sound of that cake. Way colourful cool. That is why we have birthdays once a year : o ). Lucky Miss Tiny

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Happy Big 4 Scout! Hip hip hooray. Look at those gorgeous photos up there. You just keep getting more and more beautiful. Enjoy your cake. xx

nicole said...

nawwww happy birthday tiny! can't wait to hear about another year of your antics :D tiny stories always put a smile on my face!

dear olive said...

Happy happy happy four! Kellie xx