Tuesday, 20 December 2011

So I'll Just Document Everything

The last week has been a bit of a whirlwind, and I've got no big news. Nothing besides, Tiny turning four - which is big news to me, because she's still my baby.

But the Doctor finished Kindergarten on Friday, and that was such a bittersweet day. Proud of him - but overwhelmed. Seriously - where did that year go to, and can I get a refund? I hugged his beautiful teacher goodbye, and felt more than a pang of sadness as I did so. She has been a gentle, nurturing soul, who has led him into his first year of formal education. And so it is, Kindergarten is already over.

Today we had Tiny's Christmas concert - and again, bittersweet. Man that girl slays me. As soon as we locked eyes, she waved, so enthusiastically to me, her enthusiasm broke my little heart into a bazillion pieces. And then she sang her little heart out. Then got bored. Then put her feet up on the seat - and in my head I was saying "No Tiny, put your legs back down, no, no.." Too late. She sat there - albeit for a brief moment - flashing her knickers. One of the Mum's turned and looked at me, with that look - she knew exactly what I was thinking. Thankfully Tiny had her own epiphany and put her legs back down and fixed her skirt. For a moment I had contemplated running up the front to fix her skirt.

After some deliberating earlier this year, we've enrolled Tiny into a community preschool that's closer to home and to the Doctor's school. It was a hard decision, but I am so excited by this change, though sad to leave our KU, I have such a great feeling about the new preschool, already feel part of the community - which is a big deal for me, since I work, and I didn't feel that so much at the current place. A change is as good as a holiday, right? 

Today the Doctor told me he either wants to be a DJ or a spy when he grows up.

Tiny got all the birds hanging on our Christmas tree, and first made a nest out of dropped pine needles. Then reassembled them on the tree together.

I have started wrapping our Christmas presents. But I ran out of wrapping paper. This poses a problem when wrapping presents.

And lastly, I had my eyebrows done, and since they are so dark, I thought I looked a bit Frida Kahlo-ish. So I stuck some flowers on my head and went with it.

How are you holding up? Are you all shopped out? Is it a wrap? Will you be eating for the rest of the month?


mum/toddler/babe - virginia said...

Hae been reading so many people seeing the end of the preschool years with their kids, mine included. I had one finish this year but have another starting next year. Makes me sad all over again reading every one else's stories too.

Haven't wrapped up the Christmas present shopping. So broke at the moment and have a mountain of doctor's bills from birth of #3, thinking about Christmas gifts sends me into an anxiety attack....

Marina said...

Love your blog Lexi though I am a total slacker at commenting.

I have someone who wants to be a spy/DJ too. Snap!

Hope you have a wonderful festive season. Marina :)

Sherlyn said...

I wish you and Tiny all the luck for the new school.I know the feeling when you have to leave something behind and move on.Christmas presents wow! That sounds so good! I love to decorate ma tree and wrapping presents have never posed much of a problem as I buy that in good quantity.I wish you have all a merry Christmas!
Check this out if you wish - Which Ornament on Christmas Tree are you?
Are you an angel or a star on the Christmas tree?

mama bear said...

Oh Scouty god bless her dirty little feet! Hope you have a restful and happy Christmas and may 2012 bring you joy, inspirations and a little more sleep. xxx

ps. love the brows!