Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Trawling Through Old Folders

I've been delighting in going through old photos on my computer. Relishing in how small  the smalls were, and those chubby little cheeks. Oh MY !

Despite the advantages of digital cameras, it's a shame that I don't print more photos. I really, really love looking at old photos.

I've even, back in the day, started albums, beginning at the time Matt and I met, however, I have only gotten into the first few months of the Doctor's life. Yes. A little behind on that front.

Truth be, I haven't even done our wedding album, and we've been married over six years. Oops.

Do you do albums?

This photo was from the front page of The Daily Telegraph, obviously a few years ago - pre-Tiny, pre-PottyMouthMama. It was some story about how mothers don't spend as much quality time with their children as the dads do, as the mamas are too busy multi-tasking and juggling life.  

Tangent finished.

What are you up to?


Aneets said...

Yes I still print a fair few photos because I and the kids love looking at them.

However have about a years worth waiting to get into albums. Will hopefully to to it on the hols.

Accidental Lentil... said...

i am with you. I have random little folders of photos all over the place - the computer and the house - to be put in albums at some point....but will i ever do it?

I have actually just printed some photos out - for the grandparents at xmas -and ended up with a few for us to frame. But still..I love looking at them so why don't I do it more often and more organisedly? yes that's a word.


Burning Down The House said...

When I started to get into digital photography it was a little while before I got my hands on a camera so I spent quite some time day dreaming about how'd I sort it all out... and I do months... so in my photos folders you look at 2010 for example and you open it and everything is roughly in months. It helps SOOOOOOOOO much.(I am an autistic librarian type tho...pls don't judge me :P)

Burning Down The House said...
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