Monday, 30 January 2012

Rose Byrne - Michelle Williams: Perennial Favourites

Seen here at the Screen Actors Guild awards, Rose Byrne - well she just makes me smile. I love this embellished Elie Saab jumpsuit on her - and her Cleopatra style bob. Super sharp.

Who else would like to bottle that style?

It's well documented how much I love Michelle Williams. Well, well documented. I love her. In a non-stalkerish way. She is one hot damn stylish mama. Just look at her here in a signature red Valentino gown. This is understated elegance personified. Love her.

images via Fab Sugar


TAHNEE said...

I totally agree with you on Michelle Williams, she looks absolutely stunning here, her hair is AMAZING!

toni said...

I love them both. They push the boundaries and not in a bad way.
Super stylish.
I posted my favs too on ye olde blogo.

Mon Alisa Design said...

Rose Byrne and Michelle Williams looks the shiz!! I absolutely love it.
Man, I grew up with Rosie and she's just as gorgeous in person. But seeing her brother with her reminded me of the huge crush I had on him when I was little (and maybe still hang on to, sad but true)
A beautiful family.

Jaclyn said...

someday I secretly want to see a photo where Michelle Williams looks bad, only to see that it's actually possible.

Lilli boo said...

I love both these ladies. Dare I admit when I saw Rose with her 'Cleopatra' hair I was hooked. Incidently I named my daughter Cleopatra, a now rather feisty 5 year old...inspiration...x

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

Rose. I'm so lesbo for her.

xo em

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

shit. can i say that? Thats not pc at all.

Norbyah said...

totally with you pmm....they're both gorgeous. and, i've just recently discovered rose byrne in damages....i know, i must be living under a rock (oh wait, i just have three kids)....

michelle williams is also, the best. thanks for these pics.

mama bear said...

Lexi, I LOVE you (in a stalkerish way) but Rosie in this? NO! She's looking 20 years older than the gorgeous young thang she is.

But Michelle... I'm with Beetle Shack on that one. HOT! x