Monday, 9 January 2012

A Tiny Party

Yesterday we belatedly celebrated Tiny's birthday with a tiny party. A tiny Tiny party. Or is it a Tiny tiny party? Who knows. Either way, it was a party. For Tiny.

My sister kindly made the cutest teacups a la Tic Tocs - which were a huge hit with the tiny brigade, my mother-in-law made the most melt-in-your-mouth meringues, topped with fresh raspberries, and the birthday cake? Well I'll post a pic as soon as I have one. Promise.

I wound up finding pudding basins on Saturday morning, got them home, washed them - to discover they were microwave proof, but not oven-proof. Excuse me but WTF?! So it was back to the Dolly Varden drawing board.

I promise I will not talk Dolly Varden again after this post. I am probably making Dolly Vardens trend over on Twitter because I am banging on about them so much.

I had a hoot making this cake. The DV tin did not yield a long enough frock, so I baked an additional round cake and added a longer hem (ahem) on the bottom. Who do I think I am? Suzie Seamstress? Yes. Apparently. I then cut it down to fit with the frock, stuck them together with buttercream, and then got to decorating.

Tiny walked in halfway through and told me it looked ugly.

YES! High fives all 'round.

Then she came back later and was stoked. Phew.

She had such a brilliant time at her little party, played parcel the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical snatues (sic), and decorated cupcakes. Too cute.

At bed time she said: "Mama, that was the best party ever." And then didn't go to sleep for another 2 hours.


Sally said...

How wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the cake. Who knew cake making was so stressful? I certainly didn't until I became a mama.

lalalistic said...

Cant wait to see the cake. Hubby and I were barely speaking after trying to decorate our 2 year olds cake on the morning of her party. I dont think she gave a toss that we had made her a gaston the ladybird cake either. nevermind

Mon Alisa Design said...

Thats gorgeous. Happy birthday to Tiny x

Mon Alisa Design said...

Thats gorgeous. Happy birthday to Tiny x

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Happy Birthday Tiny!

Glad everything worked out in the end, can you show us a pic of the final result?

I haven't had to make a cake yet for my kids. My gran-in-law always makes them, bless her heart. 81 and still baking every week!


Michelle said...

That party sounds like a every little girl's dream. Well done Mama!

CC said...

A friend of mine made a dolly varden cake but the dress was too short. She ended up doing a partial doll leg amputation. It's just not quite right, is it?

Rowantree Design said...

I'm gushing over the tiny teacups....

Anna Lloyd said...

So cute those teacups! Where did you get the cute tablecloth?