Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hooked. On Exercise.

I know. You read it right. I am completely hooked on exercise. I have rarely ever been so excited to get out there, but there you have it.

I am so hooked on exercise that I've started waking up before my alarm goes off.

I am so hooked on exercise that it's started infiltrating my dreams.

I dreamt my sister had exercise gear on sale (neither of my sisters are sportswear retailers?!) - and that besides flicking through a rack full of size 10s (RATS!) - I found a pair of exercise tights that were made from the most magnificent fish scale looking fabric. Rainbow fish scale looking fabric.They reminded me of the Rainbow Fish book (pictured). Immediately I grabbed them. And started inventing excuses to exercise just so I could wear them. (They were kind of like these, but more purple. And they could breathe).

My usual exercise gear entails a pair of black Target leggings and one of Matt's tees.

But these fish-scale tights. My oh my.

I woke up totally enthralled and told Matt we just had to go looking for them.

Of course we never found them.

But if you spy some fish-scale tights, please do let me know. Apparently they are the magic key to me continuing on my love affair with breaking out a sweat.


small catalogue said...

I'm so hooked on exercise too! Seriously. I completely get it. And exercisers are ace friendly people too. I've made so many new exerciser friends it is like starting primary school all over again.

If you ever do find rainbow fish tights let me know - they sound like the kind of leg bling any girl could do with.

Loz and Dinny said...

We used to sell fish scale lycra in the sewing shop I worked in ... no shit - blues and purples - maybe you need to google lycra and whip some up!

Michelle said...

Get. Out. You're a morning person now? That is very impressive!