Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Start Of Something Beautiful

Tiny started dancing lessons. Oh my. I wasn't prepared for the cute attacks that I had during the lesson. So darn cute.

During the week leading up to the class, Tiny had told me what she wanted to wear. It swung between the pendulum of fairy wear to ballet attire.

On the day? A very small tutu and her favourite t-shirt. I then pointed out that she had to wear something so no one would see her knickers. So she tossed a nightie on over the top. Eclectic ballet attire.

If you're considering signing any of your smalls up to ballet/dance - do it. You will ensure a great ab work out (from giggling) and they have such a wonderful time.

Tiny was completely pooped afterwards. Halleluljah!


jodi said...

Tiny dancer. (sorry, I had to).

Che started dance class too. And this is what he said after his first class:

"When the teacher was showing me some dance moves, I was thinking up better ones in my head."


TAHNEE said...

absolutely agree Lexi - my daughter started a few weeks ago too, and the cute factor was off the scale! and I love Che's take on it, ha! x