Thursday, 23 February 2012

Oh Yes. Hello There.

My computer is dying. A slow, painful and almost sincere death. Bits have broken off it. Buttons have ceased to work unless I punch them. The mouse button is moody and only works when it wants to.

It makes blogging difficult.

But nevertheless, I'll plug on - and if I start to drop some letters, you dear reader, yes you, you can fill in the blanks.


So what's on the haps in your 'hood?

I am super looking forward to the weekend. Are you up to something mega exciting? Spill. Oh dear. Bad choice of words PMM.

PS - image is of spilt milk. There's just no use crying about it. So why not make it a book?


Mon Alisa Design said...

Mine too! We've got our local show on this weekend. The girls are super excited about show bags and fairy floss while I'm keen to see massive pumpkins and funny shaped carrots. Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you do x

Lady Moss said...

I'll raise you a half blacked out screen that I have to scroll continuously to edit what I've written! The things we do huh!