Friday, 16 March 2012

And So It Is.

Clearly I must obsess over Alex Winston's hair, and the length of it.

My target?

To grow mine back to this length.

Believe it or not, it was this length, then I chopped it and looked like a North Shore mum. *GASP*
My MIL told me that, I promptly booked a hair appointment and had it all chopped off.

But Michelle Williams. Still tempted.

Come now. Hair grows back.

I remember sitting in the hairdresser's seat at 12, after saving up for yonks. It was below my shoulders and I told her to cut it all off. She asked if my Mum knew. I said no, but I was paying and it was my hair.

She cut it off into an awesome concave bob.

Hair fetish born.


Hazel said...

Ha, I'm growing my hair too, I've had short hair since my leavers dinner when I was 15. I'd arrived at the hairdresser a little late for curls etc, so Mum dared me to cut it off. I did, and have had short hair ever since.
But I don't know why this year I decided after 18 years I'd like to try and grow it to at least a bob.
So 2.5 months since my last haircut and I'm starting to look a little shaggy. Hmm this stage really sucks. I will visit the hairdresser soon to talk about transition stages...

Lou said...

You should become a hair model! I'm currently being one and am getting (slightly crazy) fun hair for free... Once this next comp is over I have promised my hubby that I'll grow my Michelle-Williams-short hair long again...maybe.

Luna said...

I loved my long hair as a child, but my Mother went overseas and my jealous Aunt cut the lot off! When my Mother returned, I heard my first swear words from Mum. I try to do my hair nicely, but our toddler likes to play with it too much.