Friday, 30 March 2012

For All The Twitter Lovers

Good news for Twitter lovers is you can now get all your tweets onto a 2 ply toilet roll called Shitter. With the tag line "Social media has never been so disposable" you may well think this is exactly where Twitter feeds belong (but not me, I love Twitter).

Shitter toilet paper. I know. Awesome right? I am pretty sure this is all your dreams come true, so you can stop sleeping now and get tweeting for truly customised toot roll.

You can read more here.


teddybearswednesday said...

hehe It's totaly awesome!! xo

Colin Wee said...

Love it!!! Now not only can I block/report but this'll show spammers exactly what I think of them!

Hazel said...

I needed a laugh today. Love it.

fast times in münchen. said...

I'm no Twitter lover but this is hilarious. The only thing funnier is John Smith's tweet above the word Shitter. Life truly would be better! xx