Friday, 30 March 2012

Oh Hai.

Last night I went out on the town to kick up my heels with a bunch of bloggers. I met Wee Birdy there and together we giggled and guffawed the night away.

Big ups to Wee Birdy for giving me this banging picture of me being a ham hock. I mean, who doesn't star their Darling mani when posing mercilessly? The truth is, the reason I was dressed like a Tequila Sunrise (see recipe here) was for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers. Aha. 

Woogs held me in her bosom. I got to meet Eden. Was astounded by Hair Romance's beautiful hair. And I reunited with Chantelle. There were many more and it was like a whirlwind tour. I felt a bit like a fraud. 

Anyway, you readers, you are all quiet as mice. What's happening on your homefronts? Do tell. I am waiting to hear. And when someone wants to hack into my mainframe and let me know how I can reply directly to comments, well I am all freaking ears. I can not work it out myself and I want to punch my blog in the head. 

Right now I am listening to Gossling because I just love her. I've eaten a burger for dinner and had two to three wines. Who's counting? (Because it's not like I have to drive to bed.) I got told I was very quiet at work today. I love listening to the Hack on Triple J driving home. Do you? What are you doing? Come on, spill. Fill me in on what's on the haps in your neighbourhood. 

Oh and as a Friday bonus, how great is this Bluejuice cover of Video Games. I went off Lana del Rey quicker than Lite White goes off in a luke warm fridge. But this. This I can get with.

And finally, come join me on Facey. We can like totes chat. And stuff. 

PS - this is a link heavy post. I apologise. But perhaps you'll thank me later for sending you around the world in just one quick read of PottyMouthMama?


jodi said...

settings - posts and comments - comment location? selected 'embedded'

I'll be honest, I didn't click on all those links but I am loving your colourful get-up. Gorgeous you x

Jessica Jorna (The Crafty Librarian) said...

Hi Lexie,

I'm just hangin', you know! I also love Hack... Tom informs me most days on different topics of interest.

I saw Gossling at Newtown Festival last year and she was tops! There is some cutie-patootie song that she has on the Js at the moment which I really like.

Kudos for burger and vino - dinner of champions!

Hanging out for Offspring to come back on so I can chat on Twitter (^_^)

Katie:: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

I can't do the threaded comment thing either. Apparently you have to save your template and reset your widget (?) .. and blah.. I don't know.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

That mani totes deserved a starring role in your snap. Gorgeous.

Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song said...

From all accounts, sounds like the Kidspot Top 50 was fabulous!

I gave up on the whole comments thing and just installed Disqus. Best thing I ever did!

Mama Mogantosh said...

Looking good Lexi. Like a rainbow milkshake.

Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...


I really loved meeting you on Wednesday night!

& have now just discovered your blog {also love}.

Also have major occupation envy, i.e you work for a company that has a lounge I really want!

Loved your outfit, loved your mani, loved you!

Cherie :) x

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

You have my vote lady! Done and done!

Love the colours, suits your gorgeous personality :)

I'm just posting an update now on my blog, been forever since an update, but life is busy with moi. Coachella in 3 weeks, can you believe it?!

Love Bluejuice so very much. They are playing a show in Sydney in a few months, would love to check it out.

I made home-made burgers last night, went down a TREAT!


Top bird said...

Guffaw! Giggle! Snort! xxx

Hair Romance said...

Loved meeting you but we hardly said more than hello! Hope we get to meet up again soon. Christina x