Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I May Have Rigor Mortis

Yesterday, as punishment to myself for not walking or running or doing anything for almost two weeks, I totally caned myself. I went on a six km walk/jog - or wag as I affectionately call it. 

I branched out of my usual walk/run/jog/feel-like-I-am-dying and did lunges, and manoevred my way around the streets like a crab. Thankfully no one else was about (that I could so), so I don't have to feel so self-conscious about what everyone's thinking about that nutty woman. 

And then it started to rain. I was only 2/3 way through my planned run - and it started raining and raining. As further punishment, I made myself stay put - where once I would have scurried home. I may have even pretended I was preparing myself for Tough Mudder. 

Over 6 kms later, I went home. Half elated, half dog tired. Then I forced myself to carry some heavy hard rubbish from the back of the house to the foothpath. Four trips in total. I am such a beefcake. 

My sneakers were trashed, I was covered in mud - and so I finally made it into the shower. 

Sadly I neglected to stretch *forehead slap* and as a result, I am now walking like the Tin Man. I think I've got a severe case of rigor mortis. 

And then I dragged my sorry ass out of bed this morning, and did it all over again. 


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Good girl!

Rowantree Design said...

So that's what I have to do!

shine little light* said...

bam bam you are the WO-MAN! *s*

Briar {Sunday Collector} said...

Good on you! I no I don't look like a runner, but I actually love it - and am seriously missing it since I've been growing the 10kg tummy. I hope I get back in to it after baby though! It just makes you feel soooo good!

Briar {Sunday Collector} said...

Wow - bad spelling mistake, I meant 'know'. Haha.