Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tying Laces. And Other Stuff

We are currently drowning under a pile of Year 1 homework.

When I was in Year 1 we didn't have homework. Well certainly not to this extent. (And when I was a girl Paddle Pops were 60 cents, and I walked home by myself.) This week we have a daily reader, homework books, Mathletics, and a talk on rhinos to do. Fo' realz. 

Amidst all this, we're teaching the Doctor how to tie his shoelaces. You can pooh pooh me all you like - and say we are late bloomers to this, but I am not one to push, and we do things at our own speed, when we are good and ready. 

On the weekend I found this video that I thought was a cute way to teach your kid how to tie their shoelaces. 

Ordinary people must be saying: "But PMM, why do you need a video?" Well a couple of years ago I discovered that I don't tie my shoelaces correctly, I have some funky way of tying them, and it's not completely successful. It still serves me well, but I thought I'll relearn with the Doctor so we can learn together.

So I am now learning to tie my laces too. 


Gillian said...

Yikes that is a lot of homework. My girl is in year 1 too and she just has a reader to do each night. I will be putting my foot down if she comes home with anything else. Shoelaces are tricky, thank goodness for velcro!

Amy Gunson said...

This is how I learned to tie my shoes as a kid, but then in grade school they told me that I was doing it wrong and made me relearn this other convoluted way where the rabbit runs around the tree a few times. I'm with Gillian - velcro!

Coal Valley View said...

Oh I remember year 1 homework in Sydney last year - they work those babies hard!! Yep, spelling, words, readers, worksheets, speeches even! Not a single bit of homework for my year 2 girl here except for reading but my Prep boy has reading and Magic Words - apparently "a, and, be, I, in, is, to, of, that, the, it, was" makes up 1/4 of all their reading. Amazing. He hasn't learnt to do laces yet - thanks for the reminder. I do them a dodgy way too :-)I

ms.pea said...

I'm pretty sure my lads had more homework in prep/grade one than they do now that they're getting on to the last year of primary school/early highschool!

As for the laces - bunny ears all the way. Even later in life, I still can't run that rabbit around the tree! I'm definitely a third on the velcro option :)

Ellieboo said...

Can we have a video of how you tie your shoes...Im intrigued.

Seana Smith said...

Hi there, love the shoelaces video and I will come back to it when I start teaching my five year olds. we used video modeling a lot for my son with autism spectrum and made our own shoelaces video... not nearly so good as this one!!

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Oli also can't tie shoelaces so velcro is our friend! I'll check out the video with him on the weekend. Good luck with Noah!

Argh the homework. Oli has at least an hour everyday, in English AND German. And we have to start cursive writing in a few weeks. What the? I swear I was 9 or 10 before i had to learn that sucker...? Rant over. xx