Friday, 23 March 2012

What Do You Do All Day?

Richard Scarry. One of my all-time favourite children's author/illustrators. 

Our Onegirl fleur. It is so loved. And a lot of love comes from me.

My knitting. Which is going nowhere fast. Mum, I need you to fix it. 

I don't have much of any value to share with you. 

So tell me, what do you do all day? 


Mon Alisa Design said...

Each day is different sweets. Today I had planned to clean my house but ended up with an extra child for the day (a toddler), a leaking sink that flooded my bathroom and a dramatic episode involving a large quantity of yoghurt.
Yesterday i ate twisties and watched on video "Somewhere in Time". I found it at the tip for 50c. Drove to Mudgee to look for a mattress, bought a lemon tree and had hamburgers for dinner. Nothing too interesting but hey, you did ask :)

Coal Valley View said...

Actually I'm knitting too - after such a looong time. It's taking ages because there is no room for error as there is no one here who can fix my boo boos. I finished my second beanie today. I'll show you soon but I have two more to do (having 4 kids and all) so it could take a while....What are you knitting? Have a great weekend!

Rowantree Design said...

Where do I begin, that's how it goes over here at my place. Worked in my studio finishing off some gorgeous new Rowantree designs for girls. took my poodles for a spin in the park. Photographed the clothes for my website and actually got on a roll and put them up! Happy!. Picked up Rowan from his day care and went to the park, came home and cooked bolognese sauce cause the sailor called me and told me he needed it for dinner. Fed Rowan, had a wine and now waiting for the sailor to come home and eat his pasta. Love it

Lady Moss said...

I made bread AND the breadcrumb pesto from River Cottage and just ate it. Delish!
LM x

Jasmine said...

My days recently are all the same. I try to get all my housework done while my toddler's awake in the morning and then as soon as she's asleep I watch Veronica Mars. I am in a Veronica Mars stupor. I can't stop watching.
I'm also knitting. I taught myself cable knitting and I knit and watch Veronica Mars.
It's all about Veronica Mars.

leslie said...

so happy to see a well loved fleur : )