Friday, 23 March 2012

Well Hello Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy. Ahh. The delectable Mr Darcy. Moody. Broody. Intelligent. Slightly awkward. Well-spoken. Moody. Broody. Mysterious Mr Darcy.

Where would we be without Mr Darcy? And Colin Firth walking out of the lake in *that* white shirt. Swoon. 

Here friends. This is here for your Friday viewing pleasure. Yes. Yes. You can certainly thank me later. Sigh. But for now, quick, grab a fan, I feel faint. 

image sources:
1. here
2. here
3. eeek - sorry not sure
4. brookish

this post comes courtesy of Tom - who inspired this post. As Tasmania's very own Mr Darcy. Thank you Tom.


Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

seriously...i will never tire of seeing the "lake scene" in P and was just perfectly put together and watching the proud man crumble and get tongue tied when faced with seeing Lizzy again is just delectable. Colin with always be Mr Darcy in my eyes!!! Thanks for the lovely eye candy today xx

toni said...

I gotta say...I loved the new Mr Darcy from the movie. Matthew MacFadyen.
When he walked across the field in his shirt and billowing coat and said "I love, I love...I love you"...well I just about ate my popcorn container. I didn't know when the popcorn ran out and the box began.
Is it hot in here?

Little Gumnut said...

heheh yes, Mr Darcy! Loving that last photo and that t-shirt!

Coal Valley View said...

I'll thank you now :-)