Saturday, 14 April 2012

Glee Vs Gotye

 Er - why did no one tell me Glee had Gotye on this week? I am so dirty about it!

I missed it! Ratatouille!

Remember when I was madly in love with Glee? I used to breathless after each ep - gagging for the next ep. And now I've gone cold turkey. Hmph.

However for yours and my viewing pleasure, I've googled it up, and here it is, in all its YouTube glory.

PS - to Nasty Nelly who last time told me I "didn't deserve that song" - and to go on skipping through fields of roses, going on date nights and rolling about in whipped cream - I didn't realise Wally was allocating songs to people. Missed that memo. So here it is again. Because I love this song and I'll listen to it if I want to.


Lindy in Brisbane said...

You've gone off Glee? Say it aint so! This was a good ep, too. I love all the musical numbers, even if the dialogue and story-lines are sometimes a bit dodgy. Get back on the Glee bandwagon sistah. You know you wanna.

Tahnee said...

I only watched one season, but loved it, the musical numbers sucked me in. I happened to have it on for noise while hubby was working late and cleaning up and heard it - they did an awesome job I thought! x

Donna said...

I never miss an episode - I'm rather addicted!!

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Best song performed on Glee in a LONG time.

I loved it.

I wonder if that will help the crowd levels at Coachella this/next weekend.

He is playing there, I am going to watch and support him for sure.


Michaela said...

I don't care if Goyte is overplayed. This song is delicious ear-crack and I think Glee did a decent job of it. So glad they didn't have Rachel and Finn sing it though. That would be the one thing to turn me off it.

Jemma. said...

So you have no real knowledge of Blaine? The BEST one on Glee/in real life?!

dear olive said...

Nasty nelly BASTARD. Listen to it, turn it up loud ... you so deserve it! Kellie xx
PS I've never watched glee. Can we still be friends?

Norbyah said...

i really don't think that there could ever be a bad cover of this song. i don't watch glee, but this clip actually made me want to. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song....first heard it thanks to you pmm when you posted the WOTE cover. now, it's not only my fav, but my three year old girl's, too. she asks for the 'painting people' video.

fast times in münchen. said...

Who the heck is Nasty Nelly? I've never watched Glee either. Eek!