Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's Showtime, Baby

We went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Saturday - as guests of the new Samsung Galaxy Note

During the day we visited almost every animal known to man, including this heck of a cute goat, who we creatively named Billy the Kid - he slayed me. I wanted to keep that little kid. Tiny cried over Billy the Kid. The Doctor adored Billy the Kid. And Matt stood there like the Tin Man. He did not find his heart. Until I forced a cup of baby goat food into his hand and I damn well made him feed the baby animals

Finally we had to wean Billy the Kid from our tender-loving-care, and walked on to see ducks tumbling into ponds, chickens hatching, sheep headbutting other sheep, alpacas being judged, a cow doing a wee, and other amazing sights. 

We watched skaters shredding the rad at the Monster park. We had our portraits done at the Samsung stand (more on that laterz) - where I learnt I have a massive nose and huge, superhero like chin. Fist pump! The Doctor had a parrot on his head. We watched the pooches getting preened. 

And then I won worst mother of the year when I declared we were not, under any circumstances going to be getting showbags. Harsh, I know. Well the Doctor was so dirty at me, when we asked if he had had a good day he replied: "Not really," and then slunk off like an emo six year old. He didn't talk to me the whole drive home. 


dear olive said...

Why no showbag? We took Olive to the small, crappy version of the easter show at fox studios. Free, close to home and perfect for a two year old! She wasn't allowed a showbag OR an ice cream (for which she threw an almighty tantrum so we gave her pancakes instead. I think she won that battle.) Kellie xx

MissBrown said...

When we went to the show I promised 1 showbag each and you know what? It wasn't any better because they spent the WHOLE day nagging me about when they were they going to get the fricken showbags!!

hellomister said...

I said no showbags (easy because he doesn't really know what a show bag is...) but yes to a lightening McQueen helium ballon...a fricken $20 helium ballon. Chump City...

nicole said...

what a fun day! well apart from the grumpy 6 year old attack!
teehee, it looks like the lovebird under the prize winning one didn't like being judged too much, he's, erm, fallen off the perch!