Sunday, 15 April 2012

Logies Low Down: Rebecca Judd + Kat Stewart

Ok. I kind of see the look you were going for Rebecca Judd - but, er, what is that frock made of? Is it sheepskin? It looks like disused ugg boots were upcycled to form your train. And then we could call it the ugg-ly dress. Or is it a bunch of tissues? I just can't tell. Either way, not a big fan. 

Kat Stewart, I went all breathless on Twitter and crowed about how much I loved this dress. And now I've seen it a little closer, and well, I can't help but think of the tattooed lady. On one hand, the design is so intricate, so feminine, and on the other hand - the tattooed lady. Let's file this under, undecided. I do love your hair and make-up though, that's got to be a good thing. 

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