Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Now My Dad Is The Deputy Editor

Since Sunday things have happened at PottyMouthMama. For one thing, I've appointed my Dad as Deputy Editor. Welcome aboard Dad!

Last night on his list of jobs as PottyMouthGrandpapa he had to judge the four winners of the LEGO competition. So without further ado, here are the winners, as hand-selected by my Dad. With Mum's help of course:

Christina Lowry:
I love LEGO. It's like a school lesson for my son without him noticing. Math, architecture, atoms, colours, shapes etc. It's all there in the humble LEGO block.

I love LEGO because age doesn't matter and no one can be wrong.

Dancing In the Rain:
Inheritance! My girls love playing with hubby's childhood LEGO?!? The love of 'Barbie' combined with the love of LEGO - head spinning with excitement!!

Carolyn Booty (I have some booty to send you):
I love how LEGO inspires imagination. 
I love it's interchangeability and timelessness. 
I love the priceless memories it provides and provokes from generation to generation.

Thank you to everyone for entering the LEGO competition! 

image via Green Diary - Dad did not get to choose the accompanying image for this post. Sorry Dad. 


Christina Lowry said...

Hooray! Thanks Lexi's Dad! More Lego to love in our house! :)

Carolyn Booty said...

Thanks so much! This was a well timed surprise for our family. Plus I won't have to walk to the letter box for the next few weeks as my daughter will be racing out to check the mail every time she has the chance! Lol