Sunday, 22 April 2012

PottyMouthMama: Reporting For Domestic Duty

This weekend was going to be all about me being a domestic goddess and surpassing my motherly duties. Ticking every box and getting a gold star. 

And do you think that happened?

Er. A little.

I had plans to tidy the whole house. To ditch all the junk hovering around our house. It's mounting. In piles. In bags. In boxes. And I can't seem to get on top of it. Well wait - I can get on top of it, I can lie on top of it, I just can't control it. 

I was going to get wildly domestic in the kitchen. I had grand aspirations.

Instead Saturday I had a wee hangover, and shuffled around the house like a hermit crab. What kind of young player am I? 

I did sort out some clothes. I did bake choc chip cookies. 

And tonight, Matt went out to do some painting, while I stayed at home - and thought - yes! I will make pasta. Then it all went to poo. I was rolling pasta, I had the water bubbling away - the pasta was rolling, rolling, too long to hold in both my hands - I felt like Big Anthony out of Strega Nona. Pasta everywhere. I finally got it into the pot and kept rolling out extra pasta - and then the pasta went bloaty and gluggy. Poor pasta.

So the smalls wound up with toast and baked beans for dinner. 

And then I hurried them through dinner, tucked them into bed and felt irate with myself for being such a grump. 


Tina said...

Domesticity is highly overrated. I much prefer humor and you do quite well there!

Michelle said...

You made chocolate chip cookies! You get a big gold star for that! And baked beans on toast is much more nutritious than pasta.


Megan.K. said...

Haha - I agree with Michelle!

ohsewrosy said...

Love your blog Lexie! I too had a similar dinner fail just the other night. It was Corned Beef. Really - not so hard to slow cook beef one would think. But for me, just this once it was a challenge. After waiting for hours for the silly thing to slow cook, and discovering it was not a good cut of meat - disgusting actually...we finally sat down to a grand feast of potato bake and vegies.

Amy x

Bron66 said...

Sounds like a normal day to me! I have spent my day today procrastinating but I baked banana bread so at least it looks like I did something. (And we love Big Anthony. That is a funny book.)