Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Therapeutic Monday:: In The Garden

I spent some time in the garden yesterday. Actually a lot of time. With secateurs in hand. 
The reason for this spate of Gardening Australia? I had to find the water meter for the water meter reader man. Do you think I found it? Nope. Despite hacking into everything - and being completely disgusted with the weeds that think it's ok to procreate in my garden. I still have not found the meter. 

However I did find my inner gardener, my inner Peter Cundal. It was sprinkling and cold and yet - I was stalwart and continued hacking into those overgrown bushes (not that bush, manners, please). I must be channeling my mum. And my grandmother. Both keen gardeners. Now there are piles of clippings all over our garden. And nowhere to put them. Novice fail. 

It was good to do physical work - to feel the physical tiredness, and see tangible results. 

In other ground breaking news Tiny went back to preschool today - and I got to spend some time with her and her classmates, decorating picture plates. Boy it was funny, I was chuffed to spend time there, and today was a triumph. Tiny wore jeans. Crumbs. She gave me a cute attack. 

Tonight Tiny told me she wanted to climb onto my back and never hop off, no matter what, she'd just ride up there on my back - and never-ever- everlet me go, then she would yell: "this is paradise". Chris Martin has been brainwashing her. 

Sigur Ros. This is beautiful. A good reason for me to move to Iceland. Good music and crazy knits. 

Tomorrow, on ANZAC day, we're planning to head into the city. I enjoy seeing the diggers, waving, acknowledging them. I'd like to take the smalls to see that, with rosemary pinned on. 


jodesmac said...

That's pretty funny that you can't find the meter! Sorry not helpful. Ha ha . I loive that Tiny is in Jeans. My now 5 yr old still refuses

Reannon Hope said...

Tiny sounds so sweet...only yesterday my littlest boy ( now 9!) climbed on my back mid convo, he hung on & nestled into my neck & one of the other mums standing around said " that's a mum for you, keeps talking without missing a beat even though a kid just jumps on her." I couldn't help but smile ....

As for the gardening- well done! I love gardening, it's a great stress relief & nothing better than standing back & admiring all your hard work. Good luck finding the meter , they are almost always at the front on the corner ..,.wonder where yours is?

candice said...

Therapeutic Mondays... I love the sound of that! A series, perhaps??

Hazel said...

Sounds like a fab start to your week. Good luck to you in the blog comp, I voted for you as soon as I read it was up.

Bek said...

I had a spate of gardening enthusiasm a couple of weeks ago and still have weeds and cutoffs in piles scattered about! Was fun though. Jemima has the very same treasure box as Tiny. But has declared she won't be wearing jeans this season.

shine little light* said...

Tiny = mega cute attack and gardening is keeping us sane while we wait. *s*

Miss Cinders said...

I fail miserabley at gardening. I just can't find the love for it. I think maybe because I am a "make it look good NOW!" person lol

Good luck on finding that meter!! lol What a major PITA!


Mike Littlely said...

I find for myself gardening is a way for me to relax and calm down. Being able to focus on my garden helps me clear out all the useless thoughts I have in my head.

-Mike of ontario honey