Saturday, 7 April 2012

We're On Holidays. And We Have Gold Fever.

We visited Nundle this morning to check out all that was a-happening as part of their annual Go for Gold Chinese Festival

Once we arrived in Nundle we took the smalls straight to go gold-panning. They had a hoot sifting through the soil, and both struck it big, and got to bring their gold home. Once that was over the Doctor said he wanted to go home... Hmm. 

We meandered through the crowds, ate sausage sandwiches, went to the Nundle Woollen Mill, watched the Chinese dragon performers - which was pretty rad, went to my favourite Odgers & McClelland and stocked up on boiled lollies (I have a sweet tooth, yikes!) and my favourite beech nail brushes - random combo I know, but this is the general store - and the curation of goods is inspiring and so aesthetically pleasing! I never knew I loved brooms so much.

Ah the country air. I can not get enough. 

I definitely do not want to come home. 


murphycl1 said...

I grew up near Nundle, went to the primary school on Jenkins St and used to pass by that line of mailboxes on the bus to highschool every day!! Glad your enjoying "God's own country" as we like to call it. Claire

katiecrackernuts said...

Ah, you can take the girl out of the country hey...
We took a country drive on Sunday too and came home feeling like we could just turn about again and keep on driving.
We're both country gals and we're both missing it. Oh well. The coast is beautiful too this time of year. Can't complain.

Unknown said...

I'm just up the road in Walcha - and would you believe have not yet made it to the Nundle Festival?!
Glad you had fun getting your Gold Fever on, and your pictures have inspired me to put in on our calendar for next year!

Meg said...

I'm another local lurker who has never made it to Nundle gold festival (from Gunnedah). It looks like so much fun!