Sunday, 8 April 2012

Winter Fashion Fix:: Sussan For Under $250

I had such a fun time this week visiting Sussan, armed with a $250 gift voucher, and a hunger for something new and exciting. 

I didn't intend to, but all up I think I spent close to three hours in the store. I tried on so many outfits and then tossed up what would work best for Lexi PottyMouthMama. Worker bee and mama of two.

Finally, after much umming and ahhing - and pulling more and more items off the racks, and the super attentive customer service pulling more sizes, more colours, I finally settled on this jacket. Because I kept coming back to it - and I think it's going to be one of those reliable pieces that I wear over and over again.

It's a seriously great cut - genuinely I can't wait for Winter to roll on so I can wear it as much as possible. It's feminine and all-encompassing, and includes a whole bunch of colours that will work back with so much in my wardrobe. 

I teamed it with these coloured jeans (COLOURED JEANS!) - that are called 'Opal'. I'd call them 'Petrol', but no matter, they are so rad, suck me in, cover me up et voila. 

And then of course the accessorising. There's so much you can wear with this coat, these jeans, in the Sussan catalogue it's teamed with a soft grey knit and a scarf - FTW! But I paired it with a white tee - everyone has one of these - and my 50 cent necklace from a flea market. Not everyone has one of these, but everyone deserves one of these. Because it's so rad. Once I had a guy in the chicken shop ask if it was real. For one thing, I haven't been working out so much that my neck muscles could carry that much gold; for another thing - dude, I am not minted. 

And then ballet flats, a head scarf, and oversized sunnies - and let's call it the 1940s mash up baby. Power to the ladies. 

I could have gone absolutely beserk in the store - because there are so many good pieces, and they're incredibly wearable - and incredibly good value, and truth be, I lay-byed a top because life will be better with it. Trust me. It will. 

These are my other top picks from Sussan for Winter - because let's pretend I am your personal stylist and I've just done all the legwork for you:
- Salt and pepper cardi
- coloured hosiery - holy cow - they have SUCH a great selection you must tap that if you're like me and you love coloured pins
- black velvet tunic
- scarves. scarves. scarves.
- let's talk about pyjamas. Sussan pyjamas won my heart long ago. I love them. Season after season, they are the bomb and then some. Trust me. I'm an expert.

* I received a $250 Sussan gift voucher and happily wrote this post about their new collection. I am all about affordable and fashionable shopping, which is in sync with Sussan's style mantra. Sussan offer free shipping for online orders over $150. 


Mama Mogantosh said...

That coat is rocking. I have to say, I've been into Sussan a couple of times over the last few months and thought the clothes were fabulous. I couldn't decide if they had some new interesting buyer, or if I had just reached some new life-stage. But I agree - there is some nice stuff there.

Lady Moss said...

They have a really well cut orange skirt that I'm loving for the season!

Salsa said...

Have to agree with you re the sleepwear. A mate of mine in Melbourne designs it and she is the coolest/rockingest/stylingest chick I know. Am never letting go of my pin-up girl flannie pants, no matter how threadbare they become.

And you look great.

BaublesBubblesBags said...

I love that coat!! It looks really good on you. I think I might have to jet back into Sussan to try that one on.

MissBrown said...

I am in style limbo at the moment, so I am going to have to go in and check it out!Love the jeans!

mama bear said...

Well done on that coat Lex! I love a good coat, you can't go wrong with a good coat purchase. And the styling you've done there? Excellent. And the poses? Excellent. I'll be coming back for more outfit posts. okay! xx

Crash Test Mummy said...

I really wish I had just bitten the bullet and bought a coat! I fell in love with the oatmeal peacoat on the back cover of the catalogue. You look great in yours!

Catherine said...

You're a vintage-inspired dream girl in these shots! I love the coat and love the way you've captured it in the sunlight to make the colours even softer - looks lovely!

It's been such a pleasure to *meet* your blog through this Sussan campaign and you've definitely got me pulling out my box of silk scarves this season because I love the look you've got going on!

x Catherine @ The Spring

Tammerly Robinson said...

Hi Lexi,
Nice to see what you found at Sussan - everything really suits you and looks great. Your pics are too cute! You can see my post at - I noticed we have different taste and chose different pieces which is great because now I can visualise some of he pieces you are wearing with some of the pieces I have at home!
Tammerly @ Spoilt.