Tuesday, 8 May 2012

2012 Met Costume Institute Gala: Elizabeth Banks + Lana del Rey

Elizabeth Banks. I want to sit you down and tell you something. You've either got your dress on backwards, or your stylist doesn't like you very much. I, along with the next girl, am all for a peplum waist. (it comes in handy after you've enjoyed a big meal), but this? This is heinous. I don't care that it's by designer of the moment Mary Katrantzou - the joke is on your Lizzie.

Lana del Rey. You sure do look perty. You do. I love the new darker 'do. I love the frock. Like I said before, I am mad for sparkles, and the cape?! Gosh. That cape does things for me. I love love love the cape. Simple and stylish, and the jewellery is perfectly understated. I just hope you don't have one of those filthy manicures you're prone to. You win in this frock.

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Cat said...

Hey Lana! Darth Vader called and said "gimme my cloak back!"