Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bottoms Up!

I have a thing for San Pellegrino. I really, really love San Pellegrino water, and if I am a bit down, or want a treat, I buy myself a bottle (I know, last of the big spenders). 

Not only that, I really like drinking out of those bottles. I am a bit pedantic when it comes to tracking my water intake, and I prefer to drink out of glass. I just have a soft spot for San Pelle. 

Sometimes I have a bottle after a difficult day at work, or if I'm not feeling well. Or I just refill the bottle with tap water. I hold onto those bottles because I am cray.

However it came about in a conversation the other night, when Tiny asked me for some. The Doctor said: "No Tiny, you can't - that's Mum's wine."

The Doctor thought after all these years of me walking around with the big green San Pellegrino bottle that I was swilling wine from a bottle. In the morning, at lunchtime, at night. In the car. Everywhere. 

I promptly informed them that it was in fact fizzy water, and they could indeed have some. 

Vintage San Pellegrino poster image from here


Little Miss Moi said...

oh! tres funny. My mister would probably do the same thing because in my experience men are grossly unobservant in general. Yes, I like generalisations, so why not start the day with one.

I love san peg too. I always order it when we go out because it's a treat, and yet I can't bring myself to spend $3.50 on it at the supermarket, because it's always next to the 90c homebrand mineral water. Despite probably spending $10 a bottle when we're out. Oh well.

{ sunday collector } said...

Haha! That is too funny.
I'm the same - love mineral water out of a glass bottle - even more so with being preggas...one every night. I am also cray! x

Hazel said...

Oh that is so funny.
I love it.

Rowantree Design said...

Hmmm I love it too! Love the way the bubbles burst in my mouth, and the tasteis just salty enough to be refreshing.....I especially love to have one on my night table with a beautiful french glass, very grown up indeed.

Luna said...

I love glass bottled mineral water too. I always order it when dining out but I won't buy it for home. It would never last for me to have a glass.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Pffft, yeah sure its water! that what they all say. Well spotted Doctor.