Monday, 21 May 2012

eBay: A Fashion Wonderland

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Once upon a time I was a devout eBay shopper. I regularly stayed up past my bedtime to get my winning bid in on whatever my heart desired at that time. In some cases it induced heart palpitation and great excitement - nothing beats those last minute bidding frenzies, let me assure you. 

One time (not at band camp) I remember driving like a crazy lady to get home to bid on something once, and the front gate of my house wouldn't open - I had to call my sister to shout down the line - "QUICK!!! Bid on this for me!" Clearly this pre-dates Smartphones, otherwise I could have just put in a winning bid from the front of my house, sitting in the car. For the record, I wound up getting online to win that sucker! It was a great win too. Bidding frenzies are akin to a good cardio work out. You can definitely work up a sweat. 

I've bought lots and sold lots on eBay - it would be fair to say I am a big eBay fan. From vintage clothes to furniture right through to books and toys I have been there. I am a big nerd and pride myself on my impeccable rating (100% - gold star, top of the class to ME!). 

However - it's been a long time between bids. 

Now I'm delighted to discover that eBay launched The Fashion Gallery back in October. I'm back in the eBay saddle! Yeehaaw! What makes this revelation even cooler? Model/blogger, (one of Net-a-Porter's top 10 style bloggers) Candice Lake is their ambassador. Man I love that girl's style - she has such a keen eye. 

The Fashion Gallery is like a virtual department store of over 30 brands (including Fleur Wood, Witchery, Lisa Ho, Marcs, Seduce etc) - where you can search by brand, clothing item and price. Et voila! Better than rifling through a rack looking for something to fit. I have literally spent a number of hours trawling this site shopping because it is supremely searchable. 

Plus there's an ace range of great deals to be had (including new stock). Already the Fashion Gallery is selling a fashion item every 8 seconds and a dress every minute. Isn't that cray?!

Check out Candice's Fashion Gallery Pinterest here.  Get yourself a-shopping at eBay's Fashion Gallery here

Did you know?
- 85% of all fashion sales on are for new clothes, shoes + accessories
- 83% of items available on the site are new
- An item is purchased every 4 seconds in Australia through eBay mobile apps (clearly I needed this all those years ago)

image of Candice Lake wearing Candice's picks from the Fashion Gallery from here

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Luna said...

I love the eBay Fashion Gallery! It's true, most things on eBay are New. I love online shopping.