Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fairies. And The Like.

A few million years ago, when I worked doing PR for a big department store, I had a friend in one of the book buyers. She used to gift me books that she didn't want. It was a happy relationship. I love books, and I loved chatting with her.

Let's fast-forward a few years, to two nights ago, when Tiny asked me if she could look at my fairy book. I didn't remember telling her I had any fairy books, but I remembered, way back in my brain's archives that that book buyer had gifted me this awesome fairy book many years before. I went trawling through our bookshelves and found it. I'd never actually read it - except to know it was about fairies. 

Tiny was in fairy heaven. 

But not only that, it's a book about fairies AND fashion. Tiny's two giant passions. 

To illustrate this even further, just prior to Easter, Tiny was walking around the house saying something like: "I'm a fashionista for Easter". I have no idea where this came from. But she'd been brainwashed by something or someone and was living Karl's dream. 

Last night Tiny - after about 76 tantrums, finally crawled into bed with Matt, to be calmed into a sweet four year old bliss reading Fairie-ality

And then she finally went to sleep. She's so beautiful when she's sleeping. 


Sheena said...

Beautiful! I used to love my fairy books! Mum used to take us to a fairy shop in a local town and we loved it! Our imaginations would go mad!! <3

nicole kane said...

huzzah for forgotten fairy books!
i hope for your sanity's sake that all those fancy fairies are wearing shoes!