Monday, 14 May 2012

Birthday Grand Central

This is a big and beautiful week in our household. In fact, it's a big and busy month! 

On Thursday it's Matt's birthday.
Three days later it's the Doctor's birthday (of course LEGO is top of his wish list). 

Then seven days after that it's my Dad's birthday.
Then four days later it's my sister's birthday.

Full steam ahead.

Tiny is home sick today. Sick. Yes. I use that phrase loosely. She was sent a gift from Moose - Stick-A-Lulus. She's just been sticking Stik-A-Lulu stickers all over the house. All. Over. The. House. They are now approximately everywhere. 

Tiny loves her some mischief. 

The Doctor will be chuffed. He had a hissy fit yesterday - because everyone got something except him (Matt got a lightbulb, I got a pair of socks, and Tiny got some shoes because she only had sandals). He got some Trash Packs. There'll be great joy today after so much stinking six year old emo going on yesterday. 


bigwords is... said...

Good luck with your run of birthdays!! At least there'll be loads of cake! x

le_third said...

i thought you were going to tell me that it was the birthday at grand central in cairns ... yours are better :)

Anne H said...

Indeed:) , much better!