Friday, 11 May 2012

Fashion Friday:: Short Skirts Are Back

I'm a massive fan of hand-me-downs. Being the youngest child, I was always found afloat amidst my sister's hand-me-downs.

One of my friends gifted me this frock, I was worried it was going to be way too small for me, but gave it a go nevertheless. It fit! High fives all 'round.

Over the last few years I've ditched black (I know - sacre bleu) and gone with navy. It's much kinder on my very fair skin. More flattering, more me. Less emo. Where I shy away from burgundy/maroon (too schoolyard for me) I embrace navy. Go figure.

Here I am, another day in paradise (read: work).


dear olive said...

My family were also ridiculous hand me down fans. My brother and sister and I used to get around in school uniform sloppy joe's from the girls next door. A uniform from a school we didn't even go to! Happy weekend to you. Love the navy. And the legs! Kellie xx

mama bear said...

Love this dress! I'm all with you on the Navy, although I do love a bit of black, as long as it's got texture in it.

Good lippie colour too! And hair! ANd legs! xxx

ps. you forgot Alexa Chung in your ball gown post below – you know I love that girls style but what the heck was up with that dress/shirt combo??!?!?! Marc Schmacobs. Twas not floating my boat at all.