Friday, 11 May 2012

Time: Breastfeeding On The Front Cover

Ah breastfeeding. Such a controversial and sometimes taboo subject - when really, at the heart of it - it's all about feeding.

But what's this? A cover of Time magazine? With a breastfeeding mum of a three year old? 

The question here is: do you really invest yourself and worry yourself by what someone else is doing?

It's posed to cause argument. I was taken aback initially. It's not everyday you see an image like this. But that's my own issue. I love breastfeeding. I breastfed for a long time. My babies loved it too.

The headline screams: 'Are You Mom Enough?' - which carries its own inference. She's doing what's right for her and her child. And that's good enough, isn't it?

Why do we care so much what others are doing? I need to focus on myself and my own family, and let you do your thing, you let me do my thing, unless of course it's posing a danger to someone. Deal?


Leisa said...

Deal! Absolutely! It's the way I've always felt.

Claireyhewitt said...

I love this cover. Love it.

The comments that are going to get discussed about this are going to be all over the place. Blogs and newspapers are sharing it everywhere.

Wow, a woman who is breastfeeding a toddler. As if that has never happened much in the last 5,000,000 years.

Really, a woman is feeding a child, full stop.

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

farking hell! i think they are trying to be controversial! did you guess that kids age? cos he looks 4 or 5 to me...but really i don't care...whatever floats your boat...i agree...i love breastfeeding and kudos to those that go for longer...but do we really need all the judgy judge crap that comes with it? great post xx

Lisa McLean said...

Wow! Surprised this is on the front of TIME! It will be confronting for many. I absolutely agree though - too much time is spent by people being judgmental of others and wasting time over arguing unnecessary arguments! Thanks for keeping me posted...had not seen this as yet but am sure it will be appearing everywhere! Go the breastfeeding for as long as you can!

locvivek said... But what this Breastfeeding TIME MAGAZINE Cover has Caused is Mommy Wars, here is a look at what people have to say about it.

Lauren said...

when i saw this in my feed, i couldn't actually see the chair, so i thought the kid was actually the height of the woman's breast. that made feel a little blurgh...but age what! seriously, people need to realise the fact that it is what a women's breast is made to do. to feed her child. i loved breastfeeding. my daughters would totally screw up their noses thinking now that they sucked on my breast as a babe, but so what. i'm sure they'll love doing it when they have their own offspring. i agree with you totally. i'll let others do what they want, and i'll do my thing too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she'll still be feeding him when he's nine, if they're both still ok with it. And if so, would you still be all 'go with the flow, float your boat, lets not judge anybody' etc.

Norbyah said...

dear anonymous, i think it's up to a mother to decide what's best for her child. don't you? what the rest of us think is irrelevant. being a mother is hard enough without other people giving their opinions about how we do it.

i love this cover. time would like everyone to think it's all controversial, but really, it's just a woman feeding her child.


pip lincolne said...

Geeesh TIME Magazine. Way to use Mums to boost your flagging circulation figures. Totes sucky (excuse the pun)

From the NY Times : "Other notable changes included Time magazine, which lost 3.4 percent of newsstand sales to 76,555."

(Read more at :

I love breastfeeding. And I don't love TIME Magazine for exploiting it for their own gain.

le_third said...

ok tell me ... like this won't come out at this boy's 18th birthday printed in huge techi colour on A3 ... they might even play a drinking game ... pin the boy on the boobie ..

you should have seen me tandem feed my 4yr and 2yr old ... now that was cover worthy ... :) but alas I am not - happy days to all that do what works for them - best le

Anonymous said...

No, Norbyah. I think that kid is too old to be breastfed. He's not a toddler. What if that woman wants to feed him like that when he gets home from school? I think it's unhealthy. Breastfeeding is to nourish your baby/toddler until they are able to be fed solids. And a little bit of hangover for the emotional aspect for mothers/babies for a while after that. But seriously, no.

Anonymous said...

Tasha said...

I was initially horrified by the image. Honestly, all I could think was 'teeth'!!
I question how much nourishment the kid is getting from her breast milk though...?

Leah @ language | lynx said...

I totally agree with you Lexi. None of my business what other mums do, and vice versa. All power to her and me and you and everyone else who is a mumma!