Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The 'Pants' Talk

Last week I took the Doctor into the dentist to have a filling. But we wont' talk about that right now.

What I want to write about is the fact that I had to have a firm 'pants' talk with Tiny.

My little friend Tiny does not like pants. Too tight. Too 'comfy'. Too too too - too pantish. Tiny doth protest the pant.

The day was long and the day was cold, so I advised Tiny to wear some leggings. In fact, she had some new polka dot leggings and oh my! They look so cute on her. Ridiculous how cute.

Tiny is an advocate for choosing her own outfits - ever since she was a wee babe. So I've come around to it, and mostly let her choose - except when it's inappropriate to weather or place. You can wear that sheer ballet skirt. But not to the supermarket. No one needs to see your knickers.

Sometimes I work out options for her - give her two pieces to choose from, then she's got some independence and feels like she's making that choice. And usually she'll comply. And then return to her bedroom while I am otherwise occupied, strip off and either emerge completely newd, or in another random outfit. Like when it was super chilly this week - she came out in a t-shirt and ballet skirt. Then went outside and told me she was cold - and quite literally turned purple. Funny that. 

So this day last week - she had a complete meltdown after getting dressed. And I felt cranky and fed up with the tussle. The constant tussle. The hussle and bussle of the pants. 

She threw the biggest wobbly (or lobbly as she would say) for at least half an hour. Crying. Screaming. Fluctuating between inconsolable and completely angry with me. I forced her limbs into warm clothes - and she went on. We finally got into the car, and she sobbed throughout the short drive to the train station. We were about to catch our train when I stood in the street with her and pointed out that everyone was wearing pants. Or stockings. Or tights. It was pants-on Wednesday. It would have been a funny conversation to overhear. 

She detests the pants. 
I am pro-pants. 
She detests shoes - and always points out pictures where fairies are barefoot. 
I try and find pro-shoe fairies. It is a constant shift. 
Will she? Won't she? 

She's a funny little person that Tiny. I don't want to quash out her individuality - but I do want her to be warm. It's a quandary.
Last night I crawled into bed downbeat and exhausted. Tiny awoke with vomit covering her bed, her pyjamas. Then cried. And cried. And I stripped the bed while Matt put her in the shower. Gastro is a wicked beast. 

PS  - Check out this ace piece I was included in. I didn't know until one of the other ace bloggers let me know. How cool! 


candice said...

Poor wee Tiny! Gastro is pants. Big love to you and your Tiny Sartorialist.

gret said...

Ugh, Yes. We have the chat (or maybe argument) about pants and in fact anything that covers forearms, neck, shoulders or shins daily. It's all about strappy dresses here in our house. We also get the tears, the "But I can't see my beautiful dress" drama over and over. And the changes of clothing! How many times can one little person change their mind? I'm never sure which is the right battle to pick, it can turn nasty so quickly... hope Miss Tiny is much better soon. Poor chook.

Hazel said...

Oh poor purple Tiny. My little sister was the opposite, despised dresses. Wanted to live in a pair of overalls, sneakers and a backwards cap (way before Lleyton even started the trend) if Mum tried to get her to wear one of the 30 dresses she had (Jenny was the 5th surprise baby after 2 boys, everyone felt sorry for my parents and gave them dresses) she would throw a wobbly.

Norbyah said...

it's such a fine line to walk....nurturing creativity and practicality at the same time. i'm not sure i could do any better than you with the 'talk' littlest one is picky about clothing, too. dresses and skirts must have 'spinnability' to be considered.

thinking of you with the gastro. middle of the night vomit clean up is the pits.


Luna said...

Hope Tiny feels better, had the same two nights ago. It's no fun for the little one or parents :(

I always have a good laugh when our 8yo thinks he's too 'cool' for a jumper. In short sleeves we let him be cold until he gives up and asks for the jumper, which we never pack because he was too 'cool' anyway.

Cathi said...

My 6 year old granddaughter has been a "nudist" most of her life! Of course she wears clothes to school, store, etc. But, especially in the summer she wears the least amount of clothing as she can. Usually her mom can make her wear underpants & that's it! They live in the country so it's okay for her to go aunatural!

Jade said...

Sooo glad to hear I'm not the only one battling a small, feisty, independent girly girl with inappropriate dress sense!! And nice to have a chuckle on a cold day :))) thanks

le_third said...

I always feel the mother guilt bucket loads when a bad day is followed by sickness in the nite ... I think there is a link esp with wee ones - under tens ... it's like they were leading up to the illness with difficult behavior ... hope we are all better now or even sooner - best le