Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stuff. On My Bedside.

I have a mountain of stuff on my bedside table. Actually, a lot of it is Matt's stuff, because I decided we were swapping sides. Why? Because every single night one of the smalls would come in and wake me up. Every night. I got so exhaustipated that I said we had to do a "side exchange". Much like being an exchange student in a foreign land, I am now sampling the delights that are the other side of world bed. As part of this exchange I have inherited a whole stack of Matt's books, art catalogues and reading matter. 

On his side are some disinfectant wipes that are still there since Tiny had the vomiting lurgy. And another stack of books and some dust bunnies. It's a home interiors photographic dream, quite frankly. 

But back to my side. I have my nightly must-haves. Hand cream (this Aesop hand cream was gifted to me sometime again, and my goodness, it is certainly one of my favourites). And Blistex. I HAVE to have lip balm on before I go to sleep. Or I can not, will not go to sleep. I know. Go figure.

It's all part of my nightly ritual.

I also have a stack of newspapers next to my bed. I still read the news old school. I like the smell of newspaper, I love a broadsheet, and I keep those weekend papers there for the week so I can suck out the marrow of the news for the week. 

I am crazy like that.

What's on your bedside? 


Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

I am exactly the same! I need to have my hand cream (currently Aesop resurrection cream, previously Jurlique Rose hand cream) and lip balm (Vaseline with Aloe) on before I go to sleep. If I don't have the lip balm, I lay in bed and lick my lips until they are positively dehydrated. I"m sure it's all psychosomatic but I just can't sleep with dry lips. So I have all that and about 20 books, 10 magazines, and the laptop under my bedside table. And a giant bottle of water!

Jasmine said...

We recently moved bedrooms and i was hoping to keep it clutter free but it hasn't happened! So, right now there's a lamp, two boxes of tissues, a book, 2 crochet books, knitting needles, gloves, dvd remote and there should be hand cream, Sukin, but it didn't make it that far during the move and sits on the coffee table mocking me!

Hazel said...

Rob and I are so funny about surfaces. Everything goes away during the day (even though we're not there!) But we have our Tivoli radio (I have the speaker), at night when the thing sneak out, I have a glass of water, my glasses (so short sighted), my phone and a book.
I should be as disciplined as you with lip balm, cause winter is bad for dry lips.

Krystle_Sky said...

My bedside table is completely over run with books I'm currently reading, and books I'm going to read next. It's not really a table though, it's a little cupboard style bedside unit, and the cupboard is full of books that I'll upgrade to on top of the table when I get through the current pile... If only I had more hours in a day! Oh and there's a variety of hair elastics, bobby pins, and some body butter.

REread said...

Friggin dust bunnies, I need to get some miximotosis or a dust fox in my house. I also have dog hair tubmble weeds that blow thriugh the house .. Often with a miniature mariachi band in tow.

Denyse said...

I chose the side of the bed I wanted to sleep on the first time we went to bed together ...IYKWIM...and I have never changed.. Couldn't! Even when I go away I sleep on same side. Now Hub is unwell & sleeps in another bedroom one side of the bed isn't used. I'm still on my side! Been there now in various matrimonial beds since 1970! As for the bedside table.. Ashamed to show it but Vaseline, water, tissues, puffer, lamp, remotes, phones, are there amongst the rest!!
Great post! denyse x

Luna said...

I don't have a bedside table AND I was just thinking about this issue on Monday! I need to switch our bed around so I can have a bedside table. Lame.

I do need one for my water bottle, tissues, alarm, lip balm, notepad + pen. All of these things are on the dresser a few steps away. Not great getting up in the cold night.