Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What's In My Kit?

By now if you read my blog or follow me on Instagram, you know I am a big fan of lip colour.

I go through phases, and for many, many years I was only into glosses. I really love the look of a glossy lip, but as I've gotten older, I've developed a new appreciation for lip colour - and all the goodness it can bring you.

I am a firm believer that even if you have no other make up on, putting a slick of colour on your lips can help you feel a bit more groomed, add some colour to your face as well as put some pep in your step.

This week I am trying a new colour that was sent to me from Kit Cosmetics.

This new lipstick is not only a fab colour (Party Fever), it's long-lasting and pigment loaded - meaning the colour is super vibrant. Plus it contains vitamins A, C and E to moisturise and lip conditioners chamomile and aloe to soften up your pout.

At only $24.95 I can afford to buy a few and change my look as often as I please! For the full colour range click over here. Next on my shopping list is Task Master and Show Stopper. What's not to love?!


shine little light* said...

My one and only lippy is a kit one. I love it and am just starting to love a bit of lip colour! *s*

patchworkoncentralpark said...

must try that, I stopped wearing lippy as I was worried about being like the old girls you saw at the bus stop when you were 15
(were probably younger than me now :)

Liv Lundelius said...

It's so true. Hooray for lipstick.