Sunday, 24 June 2012

And Then The Washing Machine Died

A few months ago our fridge started doing something alarming. Quite literally. In the middle of the night it would start wigging out and beeping. Incessantly. It got to such a point, after repeat performances, at 2am I would stagger out of bed, bump into walls, and turn it off at the power.

In the morning I'd defrost it, and sure enough, the ice would start ice-ing as soon as I averted eye contact. I'd be in for another night of the freaking beeps.

It's here that I must also point out - I was the only one the beeping would wake. Everyone else continued to sleep soundly. But not me. For me the beep was too much.

After a number of weeks of this, I declared we needed to buy a new fridge. Clearly it was on its way out.

I'm not a huge white-goods purchasing fiend, but I went and bought one and we have a new fridge.

It was mid-Winter last year that our dryer decided to not play nicely anymore. Clearly we have some Winter timing issues.

Just yesterday I was churning through my Saturday washing pile ie Mt Everest in clothes, when the washing machine made a loud bang as I was walking away. I went back, looked at it. Dead. It flipped the fuse. It wouldn't give me any power. Dead.

The good news is I was right in the middle of washing the Doctor's school uniforms. The better news? I can't find any local laundromats. What happened to all the laundromats?

Thankfully my sister let me toss a few loads in her machine last night.

What's with the whitegoods giving up the ghost? And what ever happened to whitegoods that lasted the distance. My parents still have the fridge they had before I was even thought of. Still going strong - and surprisingly energy efficient.

Looks like I need to find some funds for a new machine or I'm going to be hand-washing a la Little House on the Prairie. Michael Landon would be so proud.

The image, is of course someone grenading a washing machine.


Karen said...

They are just not built to last anymore. Our 4 year old fridge just died as well, unless of course I defrost it on a weekly basis. It is soooo frustrating, I feel your pain. I'm living our of a small beer keg fridge in the laundry. Appliances Online is where I'll be buying the new one, bonus they remove the broken ones too!

Hazel said...

Bummer. I think ours is on the way out, it keeps stopping at the draining stage and makes weird clicking noises. We've only had it 7 years!

REread said...

That's a bugger ...

Michelle said...

We had to get our seven year old fridge fixed and the repair man said it was sooo old we wouldn't get much more out of it....pffft! Only feels like we just finished paying it off!

Even our village has a laundromat.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I thought some random had set about destroying my laundry with a jack hammer, but on closer inspection that god awful noise was coming from my washing machine. I promptly set about convincing the hubs to fork out a small fortune on a Miele. But alas he convinced *me* to call a washing machine mechanic. Sure enough, two days and $140 later it was all fixed and should keep on spinning for a few more years to come. The timing belt had shredded and come off - it took the mechanic all of about 5 minutes to resolve. I reckon we'll make 10 years if the boys stop filthying so many god damn clothes every day. Over-reaction fail.

Luna said...

I've found that Laundromats are not as popular here in Australia because of the warmer weather. Only in heavily populated areas like the Eastern Suburbs I had no issues finding them. Our local one is making a fortune for $9 per load washed + dried!

In NZ they are everywhere because of the cold/damp/wet climate. My sister recently moved from NZ, for $9 she could wash + dry 3 loads.